Kunert Stockings

Kunert tights and socks. Kunert has been supplying high-quality tights and socks for over 100 years. Style and elegance are not neglected. The Kunert range includes tights, knee-high socks, socks as well as knitted stockings, knitted tights and socks. Our product highlights include the Kunert Fly & Care stockings for travel.

Kunert AG is a name in the field of legwear that should be very familiar to many women, because Kunert now provides some well-known brands such as Hudson, which are established players in the market. Value is always placed on offering innovative products at good prices and responding to new market trends in order to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Kunert's own brand also stands for high quality and the most precise adjustment possible to individual customer requirements.

The large selection of tights from Kunert

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Here is a small selection of Kunert's top-selling tights

Women Fine Tights | 20 DEN, Transparent, Glossy
42,00 € 37,90 €*
inkl. 19% VAT
Women Fine Tights | 20 DEN, Run Stop! Transparent, Matt-shimmery
46,50 € 41,90 €*
inkl. 19% VAT
Women Fine Tights | 20 DEN, Transparent, Matt
30,00 € 26,90 €*
inkl. 19% VAT


At Kunert, innovation is paramount

Kunert is a supplier of legwear that always tries to upgrade its product portfolio with new ideas and thus always stay up to date. Not only is the product line itself innovatively designed, but also the production process, which is produced in a resource-saving and environmentally friendly manner. In this way, all customers of Kunert AG can wear their legwear with a clear conscience, since the environment is really only stressed to the extent that it is necessary and the result is very modern and attractive pantyhose, stockings and other legwear.

The Kunert range is particularly large

If you attach particular importance to a large selection when choosing your tights and socks, you have come to the right place with Kunert, because the range offers such a wide variety that only a few suppliers can offer. In addition, not only Kunert's own brand, but also the Hudson tights, which also follow their own product strategy and round off the Kunert range overall. So when you decide on Kunert products, you can choose from a variety of different tights, stockings, socks, knee-high socks, sneakers socks, footlets, support tights as well as the innovative Kunert Fly & Care travel stockings and you can definitely find something that suits you taste meets. With Kunert Chinchillan, Kunert has developed tights that, thanks to a new type of system, no longer produce buckling.

Great fashion and still relatively cheap prices

In addition to the excellent quality of the legwear, Kunert also stands for relatively low prices and can therefore also convince overall. So if you appreciate a varied and innovative range and still want to save money, you should definitely take a closer look at the Kunert products, because there is a really good chance that you will find what you are looking for here.

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