Kunert Fly and Care Travel Hosiery

The best provision for frequent flyers and people who stay a lot. The newly developed Kunert travel stockings actively and effectively support your health. To prevent heavy, swollen or tired legs after standing or sitting for a long time.

These are the products from the Fly & Care travel stocking series:

For men there are travel knee-highs, for women there are travel tights, stay-up travel stockings and travel knee-highs.

Women Knitwear Travel Knee Highs | Arrive feeling rested! Support class III
22,00 € 19,60 €*
incl. 19% VAT
Women Fine Travel Tights | Arrive feeling rested! 40 DEN, semi-opaque, matt, support class III
26,00 € 22,90 €*
incl. 19% VAT
Women Fine Travel Knee Highs | Arrive feeling rested! 40 DEN, semi-opaque, matt, support class III
54,00 € 48,90 €*
incl. 19% VAT
Men Knitwear Travel Knee Highs | Arrive feeling rested! Support class III
22,00 € 19,70 €*
incl. 19% VAT


Find out everything you need to know about our Kunert Fly& Care travel tights and their remarkable features. The travel stockings have been developed for both men and women and meet the highest quality standards.

Our product highlights include the following travel stockings:

fly&care - healthy travel with innovative products

KUNERT travel knee-highs or travel tights were specially developed for long periods of sitting or standing. They actively support blood circulation and thus counteract tired and swollen legs. This is made possible by the innovative KUNERT knitting technology. With KUNERT travel stockings you keep your legs healthy and fit even on long journeys.

Be inspired by the Kunert tights in the online shop and convince yourself of the outstanding quality of the travel stockings. Order directly now.

The best provision for long periods of standing, sitting and for frequent flyers

Sitting and standing for long periods can cause swollen and heavy legs. KUNERT travel stockings prevent the symptoms and are therefore the best and also the simplest precaution against heavy and tired legs. KUNERT fly&care products bring lasting relief through optimally decreasing pressure progression.

The stockings offer a gradual support class III (11-14 mmHg). Your legs are protected over a longer period of around 24 hours. Make sure.

Vitalizing ginkgo additive

A special ginkgo extract is incorporated into KUNERT fly&care products using a strictly controlled technical process. The addition of ginkgo also ensures relaxed and revitalized legs.

Optimum pressure curve

KUNERT fly&care products with a unique function: The evenly decreasing pressure gradient from the ankles upwards supports the activity of the leg veins and prevents blood from sinking into the feet. The unhindered return flow to the heart is actively stimulated and swelling of the feet and legs is prevented.

24/7 support

Standing, sitting or flying for a long time puts a strain on the body. KUNERT travel knee socks support well-being and prevent swollen, tired and heavy legs. As a preventative measure, fly&care products should be worn one day before the trip.

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