Everything men look for today when it comes to socks and hosiery - you will find it here!

Men Shirt | Round neck, Super comfortable thanks to micromodal
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Men Slip | The Original
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Men Underpant Short | The Original
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Men Underpant
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MEN - stockings and underwear

Here you will find a comprehensive and attractive selection of stockings for men. Even if you, as a man, worry relatively little about your legwear and footwear, there are many different ways to ensure that you can feel comfortable and at the same time get socks and stockings that are suitable for the occasion. We offer not only regular men's socks, but also men's tights and men's underwear, which complete the selection and give you the opportunity to fully accessorise. We make sure that the men's range is constantly being expanded in order to always be able to offer you the latest fashion in stockings and tights.

The men's product range includes socks, knee socks, footlets, sneaker socks, men's tights and underwear for men from well-known brands.

Functional stockings for men

In our online shop you will find a large selection of functional stockings, for example special knee-high stockings with actively warming properties for the cold season, but also cooling stockings for the summer. For travel, sporting activities and long periods of sitting and standing, you can get knee-high socks with anatomically graded pressure gradient from us. These stockings prevent swelling and tired legs and ensure vital and attractive legs. The functional stockings also include our health stockings from Kunert, which were specially developed for diabetics.

High quality and fashionable underwear for men

A fashionable design, high wearing comfort and the best quality for shape retention and long life characterize the underwear collection from the manufacturers Esge and Schöller. In our shop you will find sports jackets, undershirts, jackets with half and long sleeves as well as briefs, boxer shorts, panties and long pants. In addition to summer underwear, we also have warm winter underwear made from particularly warm knitted fleece.

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