Travel Socks

Especially on long journeys, it can happen that the blood in the legs can only flow to a limited extent due to long periods of sitting and small clots form, which are also called thrombi in medical jargon. Normally, these dissolve again during the subsequent movement, but it sometimes happens that these thrombi block a vein and a thrombosis develops. In order to avoid this, you should definitely buy a pair of travel stockings before a long journey, which keep the blood flowing and can thus prevent thrombosis with relative certainty.

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Travel stockings are not an expensive investment

Since thrombosis can really be very dangerous, the relevant warnings and recommendations for travel stockings should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, travel stockings do not have to be too expensive and can now also be selected in fashionable colors. Of course, there are different price ranges, with models that are also attractive having to be classified in a slightly higher price range that is still financially viable. This combines the pleasant with the useful and ensures that you can feel completely comfortable even on long journeys.

Travel stockings should be true to size

Travel stockings can only unfold their full effect if they fit the size of the wearer. This is precisely why it is important to know your exact shoe size and ankle circumference, because only then can you use travel stockings that fit 100%. It can therefore make sense to measure the circumference of the ankle on the calf so that the travel stockings can develop their full effect. While travel stockings that are too large have almost no effect, ones that are too small could end up being too tight and negating the positive aspects of travel stockings.

Support travel stockings with appropriate behavior

Before a longer trip, you can support the effect of your travel stockings with health-promoting behavior and thus prevent thrombosis even more effectively. This includes drinking enough fluids of about half a liter per hour shortly before and during the trip, not drinking alcohol during the trip and wearing really comfortable clothing during the trip. If you take these things to heart and also wear travel stockings, you can greatly reduce the risk of thrombosis and thus travel much more safely.

Kunert Fly and Care travel stocking range

FLY&CARE are the perfect stockings for maximum travel comfort. Due to their properties, they actively promote blood circulation in the legs through the unique pressure profile and can thus prevent thrombosis.