Kunert Chinchillan - No more runs

Kunert Chinchillan - Run Stop by KUNERT. No more runs - extra hard-wearing. Thanks to KUNERT Chinchillan, runs are a thing of the past. With their ultra-sheer 20 DEN weave, these innovative new microfiber tights feel soft and comfortable and yet they are extra hard-wearing. Soft and silky to the touch and providing an exceptional feeling of comfort, these tights will ensure that you never suffer a run again.


The newly developed Run Stop fiber from KUNERT is especially hardwearing. Thanks to the innovative KUNERT Run Stop fiber, runs just don't stand a chance any more, and yet these Chinchillan tights are guaranteed to feel lovely and soft on your legs.

saldo - test winner

The well-known swiss consumer magazine saldo tested 12 of the most sold 20den tights in Switzerland. KUNERT CHINCHILLAN is rated the best! The only one to receive an overall rating of „very well". 'The complete test report is available online at www.kunert.de/chinchillan/testbericht

These are the products from the Kunert Chinchillan series:

Women Fine Knee Highs | 20 DEN, Run Stop! Transparent, Matt-shimmery
28,50 € from 22,80 €*
incl. 19% VAT
Women Fine Tights | 20 DEN, Run Stop! Transparent, Matt-shimmery
46,50 € from 37,20 €*
incl. 19% VAT