Hudson Tights

Hudson stockings and tights stand for first class brand quality and have been manufactured since 1926, when this brand was founded in New York. Anyone who relies on Hudson tights can be sure that they will always be presented with innovative ideas that are intended to set themselves apart from the competition in every respect. Today, Hudson tights are offered by Kunert AG, which in the clothing industry needs no introduction. Below you will learn a little more about Hudson tights and why you should go for quality when it comes to tights.

The range of tights from Hudson

All Hudson tights and stockings can be found in the shop by clicking on the Hudson logo!

And here is a small selection of the Hudson tights bestsellers:

Men Knitwear Socks | 2nd place at Stiftung Warentest 09/07!
36,00 € 31,90 €*
inkl. 19% VAT
Women Fine Tights | 20 DEN, Transparent, Glossy
30,00 € 28,40 €*
inkl. 19% VAT
Women Knitwear Socks | 97% Cotton
33,00 € 29,40 €*
inkl. 19% VAT
Women Fine Knee Highs | 15 DEN, Transparent, Mat
44,80 € 40,40 €*
inkl. 19% VAT


Hudson tights impress with their great design and large selection

With Hudson tights, everyone will normally find what they want, because the selection of different models is very large. It doesn't matter whether it's fine tights, knitted tights or models with a very unusual pattern, Hudson tights fulfill almost every wish and ensure that you as a customer receive really fashionable products in which you can feel completely comfortable. The provider does not shy away from taking unconventional paths and thus penetrating new levels that you have not yet experienced in this form.

Greater individuality with Hudson tights

Precisely because Hudson tights offer a very large variety, they pave the way for a little more individuality in terms of legwear. So if you don't want to wear tights that look the same over and over again, you should definitely take a closer look at Hudson tights, because here you can use different products to create your own style for everyone, which is characterized by a good mix of innovation and continuity. Just take a look around and find the right Hudson tights that you like.

Hudson tights also stand for innovation in production

Hudson tights are manufactured by Kunert AG using environmentally friendly production methods. In this way, the manufacturer builds on full innovation in the production area and thus ensures that the wearer feels completely comfortable and can reach for these products with a clear conscience. If you too are looking for high quality yet affordable legwear, consider Hudson tights as a serious alternative and give the many great products a try. In addition to pantyhose, Hudson also offers high-quality socks and knee-high socks in a wide variety of designs.

Quality prevails - Hudson Relax Cotton Socks - 2nd place in Stiftung Warentest from 17 products.

Top recommendations in the online shop

We offer you a selection of the best quality socks and stockings from the Hudson brand. Here is a small selection of our product highlights.

Comfortable stockings and socks for women

Here in the online shop you will find a large variety of high-quality products that are not only visually pleasing, but also comfortable to wear every day.

The highlights include the Glamour 20 ankle socks in a pack of 3. The Hudson socks for women have an elegant, shiny finish and are characterized by a 3-zone comfort band. These ensure a comfortable fit. No wonder the Hudson Glamor socks are among the bestsellers here in the online shop.

Convince yourself of the quality of the Lilly Lafina 15 knee socks, which are offered in packs of 10 in this online shop. The knee-high socks are here available in several colors and have a 2-zone comfort waistband, which means that they not only lie well on the skin, but are also very comfortable to wear. Hudson stockings are also among the brand's top sellers.

High-quality Hudson men's socks in the shop

We also offer good quality socks for men in our online shop. The product lines include above all the Hudson Relax Cotton socks in a 3-pack. With a cotton content of 97%, the tried-and-tested Relax waistband and a large number of selectable colours, the Relax Cotton not only impress in terms of quality, but also in terms of appearance. The product line is also available here for the ladies.

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